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ALEX CAIN - as Edison Lindsey

    Alex Cain

Alex began her professional career in Washington, DC where she worked with the avant garde performing company "Fraudulent Productions." "Fraud Prod," as it was more commonly known, specialized in site specific original theater creations, performing in diverse venues such as The National Theater, The Kennedy Center and the famous Fifth Column.

Edison and Dean toast

Alex moved to Los Angeles to study acting with the late, great Sanford Meisner and she began her career in film shortly thereafter. In addition to Edison Lindsey in "Dean Quixote," Alex's other film roles include Thalia, the artist's muse with a sense of humor in The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences "Spotlight Award" winning short film "Milk and Cookies" (written and directed by Orion Walker) and the title role in the American Film Institute cult classic "Where The F**k Is Lockman?" Alex also appears in the short films "Understanding Tom" directed by Cordelia Berrisford, and "Stale Identity," "Remembering Day" and "A Pale Horse."

Alex has appeared on stage in numerous regional theatre productions, including lead roles in national premieres and as several of Shakespeare's classic heroines.