Dean Quixote  
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Born in the wee hours of December 3, 1973, Scott Doorley entered the world as the second of two sons of Gail and Tom Doorley. He spent his childhood in a Boston suburb, then migrated to Los Angeles hoping to learn the wonders of human physiology at UCLA. After just three chemistry classes, Scott was infused with the hope of learning the wonders of something else.

One year later, Scott enrolled in the UCLA School of Theatre, Film and Television, where, among other things, he frolicked with insanity, met Rachelle Anthony (this becomes important later), was reintroduced to Orion Walker and created an ode to the bovine spirit entitled "Jester Wilson is Not a Cow."

Nick, Edison and Dean

Nowadays, Scott is following his bliss and keeping up on his hygiene. For those who are factually oriented, he has appeared in several short films but works mainly as a sound designer and technician. However, Scott enjoys his other occupations (which, like partially hydrogenated vegetable oil) may include some or more of the following: cooking, acting, selling fish, teaching, photography and masculinity.

Since the completion of Dean Quixote, Doorley convinced Rachelle Anthony to change her name to Rachelle Doorley (they married July 2, 2000) and has continued on along the "most subtle career path in Hollywood." His recent stints recording the voices of such celebrities as Wolfgang Puck, Oscar de la Hoya, Daisy Fuentes and William Katt; art directing Korean car commercials; and removing his leg hair in the name of a "soon to be popular with the insomniacs" infomercial have baffled all those who thought they knew where his career would lead. Presently he, his wife and his bald leg are preparing for the next big acting challenge. If you happen know what that is, please contact him at (if leg hair is a requirement please allow 4-6 weeks).