Dean Quixote  
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  ORION WALKER - Director/Writer & RICHARD GAUBERT - Co-Writer


ORION WALKER has been paid professionally for making snacks and impersonating medical patients. He wasn't paid for going to UCLA film school, but he did it anyway.

While at UCLA, he made a film called "Milk and Cookies or The Ballad of Norman Saxon," which people seemed to like quite a lot. He also worked at KLA, UCLA's radio station, where he began his love affair with indie rock. Indie rock is a harsh mistress, but is absolutely amazing in the sack.

Orion & Richard

Now somebody's let him make a feature film, which in his infinite wisdom he's entitled "Dean Quixote."

If he gets away with it, he may never get a real job.

OW observes



RICHARD ZANGRANDE GAUBERT, longtime unindicted co-conspirator and consigliere to the Walker organization, went and got himself a Machinima Award for his work on Ionstorm's beloved PC game Anachronox.

If you know what Machinima is, you're probably the coolest kid on your block.